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R-Series High-Vacuum Dia-Vac® Performance

ADI’s gas sampling Dia-Vac® Pumps can pass your gas at the speed of need!
The R-Series High-Vacuum Dia-Vac® pump is an adaptation of our versatile R-Series Dia-Vac® pump, using valves specifically designed for vacuum applications. This pump is highly customizable and can be modified to work with almost any application. With an absolute vacuum of -29.8 in Hg, this pump can handle all of your vacuum needs.
Please note that the chart below is not meant to be read as a combination of pressure and vacuum at the same time, only pressure or vacuum.

R-Series High-Vacuum Dia-Vac®
Flow Averages

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Model #PSIG
(Max Pressure)
Bar Gauge
(Max Pressure)
InHg Gauge
(Ultimate Vacuum)
Mbar Gauge
(Ultimate Vacuum)
(Max Flow)
(Max Flow)

Head Connection Schematics

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  • Test results are averaged, and therefore should be considered approximate.
  • Tests performed with 316ss head, Teflon® diaphragm, 1/4 inch diameter hose x 5 ft. line at 75° F, using a std. 1725 rpm motor at 60 Hz.
  • These test results are for reference only, and are intended to help provide information to the user when determining which pump to buy. Actual pump performance will depend upon the users' applications.
  • For 50 Hz operation, reduce output by 17%
Teflon® is a registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Viton® is a registered trademark of Dupont Dow Elastomers